JM by Johnny Manglani

The golden ratio is a principle formulated by Leonardo da Vinci. A principle of absolute harmony present in all masterpieces, an unspoken rule for perfect composition. It is also the main principle of JM by Johnny Manglani.

JM by Johnny Manglani is the result of years of research into men’s fashion desires and needs. The collection is iconic because no detail has been spared in making the product perfect – the fitting, the cut, the materials, the details, the accessories and the design are impeccable and timeless in nature.

JM by Johnny Manglani is also a philosophy, heralding a return to true individuality and quality that cannot be widely available or mass produced. Only a limited number – five to six of each garment – in JM by Johnny Manglani line is produced.

JM by Johnny Manglani collection includes a full range of wardrobe items: coats and leather jackets in various styles, sports jackets and work suits, trousers and jeans, knitwear and shirts as well as footwear and accessories.

Uomo Collezioni

Uomo Collezioni is a truly Institutional Brand for Top Luxury Menswear from Italy with a chain of boutiques in Moscow & St Petersburg, the first Uomo Collezioni boutique in Moscow was opened in 1998 and since than the brand has achieved institutional status & success.

At the heart of all the collections is the principle “Made in Italy” – the fundamental core value of the brand. For Uomo Collezioni “Made in Italy” is not just words on the label, but the embodiment of a long tradition of delivering the best that there is in Italy to discerning clients.

Uomo Collezioni – is the quintessence of experience, skill and genuine inspiration embodied in its menswear collections. With each collection Uomo Collezioni presents everything needed to look stylish and elegant.

Uomo Collezioni’s intense focus on Made in Italy, Quality & Service and Shopping in Luxury & Comfort has made into the most successful lifestyle brand patronized by the Who’s Who of the society.

The Service


Good things last longer if you treat them with respect.Revising Your Wardrobe

Our experts will revamp your wardrobe – remove old fashioned and inappropriate items and suggest new style combinations. They will also recommend how to replenish your wardrobe.

Personal shopping

Our experienced style-consultants will help you choose the style and size right for you. They will tell you how to combine things and help to avoid errors.

Purchase delivery

Our own Uomo Collezioni couriers will deliver your purchases to any address in Moscow. Delivery to other cities is handled by an express courier service.

Discount programme

The discount program includes three categories of cards at 10%, 20% and 30%. To learn more about the discount programme, its terms and how to acquire a discount card, please phone any of our shops.

Gift certificates

You can purchase a gift certificate for any value in any of our shops. The recipient will be able to choose items at that particular amount, or part-pay some of the purchase by using the gift certificate.