Diamonds are Forever

The first fancy-dress dancing party arranged by the Viennese Ball Company and supported by Uomo Collezioni took place at the magnificent Ballroom of the famous Four Seasons Moscow Hotel. James Bond, the icon of elegance and immaculate style, appeared to be the invisible patron of the evening; while one of the Bondiana episodes gave name to the event itself.

The gala event began with jazz vocal star Nina Shatskaya performing the legendary «Diamnods are Forever» accompanied by the masterful Dance-Land orchestra. The world ballroom dancing champions Arsen Agamalyan and Oxana Vassilieva added to the exquisite ambience of the evening.

It was Uomo Collezioni that took care of the impeccable style of men’s suits at the event. Beside the numerous shimmering diamonds decorating the lady guests’ attire, the gentlemen present could take advantage of our exclusive offer and order our made-to-measure items of the Diamond Chips fabric. This light glimmering texture is a perfect combination of wool and silk marked by the inimitable gloss of a precious stone, the effect achieved by the miniature diamond chips being integrated into the fibers.