Grateful to You, Proud of You, Thinking of You!

Uomo Collezioni representatives took part in celebrating the veterans on the 70th Anniversary of the World War II Victory Day.

The event arranged by the Russian Veterans Union took place on May 6 and involved summing up the results of the previous year. The concluding meeting began with a documentary show and the ceremony of awarding the World War II veterans.

In accordance with the Union’s decision, special commemorative tokens were granted to nine World War II participants. Despite their senior age and long suffering from the war injuries, the veterans take an active part in giving lessons of courage at schools and various events dedicated to Russia’s military glory.

The UOMO Collezioni staff members offered their congratulations to the veterans, saying, “More than 70 years have passed since those tragic days, but we shall never forget your heroism and your sacrifice! The whole generations of your children and grandchildren had got their right to live solely because of your courage and commitment! May we pay court to you and all those who had never got their chance to return from the war fields and wish you sound health and many years to come. Forever grateful to you, proud of you and thinking of you!