Italian Kaleidoscope

An invitation-only gala dinner celebrating the release of the Spring-Summer 2015 collection by Uomo Collezioni was held at the Siberia restaurant 23 April.

For one night, Moscow’s most sophisticated restaurant turned into a private fashion jet, setting its guests on an unbelievable trip around Italy. Glimpses of the stylish Milan, the dynamic Rome, the charming Venice and the relaxed Napoli came and went one by one like the patterns of a kaleidoscope.

As the guests were welcomed onboard, the lovely stewardesses of the Divine Show appeared on stage. The Noire Quartet provided the musical illustration of the performance, while the incredible tenor Christian Panico helped everyone feel the true flair of the Italy that we all admire.

The aficionados of the brand, including a number prominent politicians, socialites and show-business stars, could appreciate the merits of the new collection and discuss the hottest fashion tips while enjoying their haute-cuisine meals created by the restaurant’s chef and exquisite drinks provided by the Simple company.

It was our pleasure to see such friends of our brand as Andrey Malakhov, Dmitry Borisov, Igor Vernik, Maxim Vitorfan, Edward Dorozhkin, Egor Konchalovsky, Maxim Matveev, Ekaterina Odintsova, Timur Soloviov, Eugene Stychkin, Natalia and Arkady Ukupnik, Nikolay Uskov, Regina von Fleming, Irina Chaikovskaya, Eugenia Kim, Alexander Kozhin, Alexander Anatolievich and Mikhail Bashkatov attending our event.