Perfect jeans. Japanese Denim. True jewelry design.


The F-W/16-17 collection catch, Uomo Collezioni’s jeans made of special Japanese denim, find their owners at a faster rate than the inconstant Moscow weather may change. The laconic design, the “proper” kind of blue and the cut which will suit any body shape perfectly are the key markers of the item. The pinpoint accuracy in finishing each detail adds a touch of the very kind of chic that can only be revealed in small things.

Each pair of jeans is created from a unitary piece of fabric, while their hems get finished in the way that prevents winding.

Have a look at those jeans and you will find it hard to believe that their “predecessors” could once be regarded solely as work wear.

To sum up, we can just say that the jeans line by Uomo Collezioni is your safe choice for any occasion.