More than just shoes: what your feet will thank you for


Sometimes it seems that finding your perfect pair of shoes is harder than finding your Mrs Right. Probably every single man on earth has once faced the situation when they would have preferred a medieval torture to the pair of shoes they were wearing. Moments like this make you forget your business or your beloved; and the only thing you can think about is how to get rid of the painful pair, even if it means you will have to walk barefoot.  This, however, is not how it should be with shoes.

Shoes are an important image marker proclaiming your social status, your tastes, your plans or even your state of mind. This is exactly why a cheaper or a low quality pair will affect not only your sense of comfort, but also the impression you make.

In this aspect, the bespoke shoes are a choice that simply cannot go wrong. Personal approach certainly means money, yet it is certainly worth it. At Uomo Collezioni, it takes more than two hundred elaborate manual actions to produce every pair. Each step of the way is carried out by a separate expert. The whole process resembling that of jewelry-making is undboubtedly time-consuming: the exclusive products enthusiasts will have to wait about ten weeks to get their perfect shoes. The result, however, leaves noone unmoved: the top quality, the unique design and a touch of the centuries-long Italian shoe-making tradition will make the pair of your choice impeccably comfortable and truly indispensable.

Our style consultants will assist both the determined conservatives (or the gentlemen having to follow formal dresscode every day) and the eccentrics in selecting the pair of shoes that fits them best. A wide range of materials to choose from will set your imagination free: even the exotic iguana, crocodile, ostrich, llama, elephant, kangaroo, shark or skate skins, without mentioning the «classic» calf leather, are standing at your disposal. Our loafers and oxford-shoes, a classical palette of derbis, casual sneakers or bright-colored moccasins will match every wardrobe and let you concentrate on what’s truly important.

The Uomo Collezioni manufacturers value their clients highly and are more than happy to take care of their needs: a hand-made belt created by individual measures comes as a compliment with every order, so that your new shoes have their perfect match.