The secret of any jacket construction lays hidden between its lining and its outer surface: this is the fabric layer called canvas. In case of bespoke or luxury ready-made garments, this interlining gets attached manually, stitch by stitch, following the chest outline, adding a gentle curve to the lapels and, to a certain degree, defining the general silhouette of the jacket. A different process called fusing is used in the mass clothing production: by means of special equipment, the synthetic fusible interface is heated to the degree when it gets glued to the jacket fabric, thus forming a stiff outline. Should one get caught in the heavy rain in a jacket like this, the glue will dissolve leaving marks on the chest and lapels. For a long time there existed a firm stereotype that a fused jacket can never stand rival to a canvassed one. However, lately the situation has changed, with advanced technologies bringing about fused jackets that can fit better than some canvassed items.