Men’s fashion in Russia has been thriving through the last decade thanks to the long-hoped for opportunity to look different from their fellow countrymen and to express themselves through style: it is widely known that the etiquette of the soviet era required fashion be conservative and uniform. Those men, who dared look different, would always be eyed down suspiciously.
Nevertheless, despite the much broader opportunities to express oneself and all the positive changes on the Russian fashion arena, few men have managed to master the high art of classic style. In fact, power-dressing is easier than it seems, if one observes some simple instructions.

1. Choose the colors that suit you.
Getting to know which colors look best on you is the first step towards perfection. Dark blue and gray for formal suits, as well as beige, brown or green for casual jackets remain the eternal classics. The choice of color is essential in making the first impression: it may attract people to you or appall them, bring about the feeling of stability and certainty or, quite on the contrary, the feeling of uneasiness.

2. Choose the proper pattern
You do not need to mix various styles to look good. Make sure you never combine a striped suit with a large stripe-patterned shirt and opt for monochrome instead. Do not match a checkered suit with a checkered or a striped shirt either, as this is also the case when monochrome would be just perfect. On the other hand, a monochrome shirt with a gray suit might seem a little too boring.

3. Make your look complete
Properly chosen accessories will complete your outfit and make it harmonious. Neckties, socks, cuff links and shoes are to match your shirt and suit. For instance, it would be an ultimate fashion faux pas to wear a black suit with brown shoes, or vice versa.

Keep it in mind that your ultimate task is to put together an elegant classic wardrobe, and not merely a balanced set of clothing with random and totally overpriced items.