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Using Gift Certificates

  1. Gift certificates by Uomo Collezioni are personalized and may not be transferred to other holders.
  2. The gift value (sum or eligibility for a certain bespoke item) is stated on the certificate and verified by the authorized signatory.
  3. The certificate is subject to a single use and is to be handed over at the register upon redemption.
  4. The certificate is not redeemable for cash.
  5. Lost, stolen, altered, or damaged certificates will not be replaced, their value will not be reimbursed.
  6. The certificate expiration date is to be stated in the respective field and is not to exceed six months from the date of purchase. The certificate may not be used for payment after the expiration date; the remaining balance is not subject to refund.
  7. Should the value of the purchase/bespoke tailoring service be less than the value of the certificates, no change will be given.
  8. Should the value of the purchase/bespoke tailoring service exceed the value of the certificate, the spending power may be supplemented with cash or card.
  9. Uomo Collezioni reserves the right to make alterations to the given rules at its sole discretion. The certificate recipients will be notified of the changes by means of posting the respective data at the brand web-site
  10. The minimum price for a gift certificate is 300 $.