Johnny Manglani is the founder of Uomo Collezioni, an Italian menswear brand and the boutique chain of the same name. Manglani’s motto claims “Perfect quality, immaculate service and attention to the tiniest detail”. All of Uomo Collezioni garments are manufactured in Italy; with both handmade suits and formal shirts and casual jackets or knitwear available at the branded boutiques.

  1. Should your job involve formal dress-code, it is necessary to have at least five suits hanging in your wardrobe, one for each work day of the week. Your suit should have its time for rest too; it will then serve you much longer and preserve its perfect look.
  2. As far as the choice of color of design is concerned, such factors as your personal preferences or your body peculiarities play an important part. Blue still remains a truly all-purpose color; and both the striped and checkered patterns will never go out of style.
  3. Do not opt for things which make you feel uncomfortable from the start, as comfort is the key to success! If you have not managed to shape your individual style yet, you may want to get in touch with professional consultants, whose qualifications you do not doubt. Do not be afraid to try something new. Personally, I have been sticking to casual and sport casual styles lately.
  4. Your self-assurance, confidence in the work that you do and the people around you are just as vital as the perfect suit; these are the pillars a gentleman’s image is based upon.
  5. Resuming the subject of clothing as such, it is certainly important to employ accessories. These little details will help you set proper accents and highlight your elegance.

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