Major rebranding underway at Uomo Collezioni for further improvement and up-to-dateness



Despite the complicated business environment, Johnny Manglani has opted for a large-scale rebranding of Uomo Collezioni, and the results have not been long in coming. Both the brand image and the brand style have altered significantly: those are no longer targeting the most conservative client groups, but turning to the dynamic and open-minded modernizers who appreciate the taste of freedom. All the usual strengths of the brand stay in place: the unbeatable Italian quality, the immaculate service and the classic menswear style; yet the approach to classics has essentially changed to capture the very zeitgeist of our times. Even the most formal element of the brand collections, Uomo’s business suits, has been adjusted to present trends, their austere shades of coal-gray and Atlantic night-blue getting replaced by the softer fresh pearl and Adriatic twilight respectively. It is, however, the informal menswear, distinctly modern and meeting the hottest fashion trends, that is dominating Uomo’s collections today. The assortment of casual jackets, for instance, includes at least a couple dozen designs: single- and double-breasted, monochrome, checkered or striped, woolen and knitted, notch- and peak-lapelled etc.
Certainly, changes like this do not just appear out of the blue, but are preconditioned by the fact that modern gentlemen can easily afford not to wear a formal suit every day, their active lifestyle demanding more comfortable choices. Nevertheless, they still want to look smart and are only willing to invest into durable garments which will last them much more than merely a season. Johnny Manglani could seize the “wind of change” as he was watching his long-standing clients bring their children and even grandchildren along to the boutiques. Today, Uomo Collezioni has something to offer to each and every one of them. Surprisingly, it is often the older generation that follows suit of the young in the matters of style, not vice versa.

The restyling of Uomo Collezioni’s brand logo has become the starting point of the major change. “The rebranding process is part of our general strategy aimed at highlighting the new trends marking Uomo’s collections and, once again, bringing out our unparalleled attention to quality”, the brand founder comments. A more up-to-date pattern has been chosen for the logo, with a monogram constituted by the interweave of “U” and “C” added on top. Similar in shape to a flower or the infinity sign, it symbolizes the key principles of brand growth and development, i.e. dedication to tradition and flexibility.

As a decorative element, the logo may be imprinted onto leather garments or used as a suit lining pattern. It should be mentioned that the brand designers have been frequently applying tie silk for suit linings, while this season they have come up with their very own art deco-styled pattern with Uomo Collezioni’s monogram woven into the image.

Another important update concerns branded packaging. All of its elements, down to the tiniest band applied by the sales assistant, are supposed to indicate the luxury category to which the brand belongs. The shirt boxes, in particular, are made of chocolate-colored cardboard paper with a photographic image of a vintage sewing-machine placed on top, whereas the bottom of the box and the wrapping paper get decorated with the paining of suit block patterns.

All of the above marks the very beginning of a long process: this year Uomo Collezioni is launching online sales and introducing a branded perfumes line as well as a number of new services.

INVERNO Fall-Winter 2016/2017